ASP.NET Web Service Not Working on Production Server

So, you deployed your web service on your server, clicked a button or any other trigger to call the service and nothing happened! No error codes, the service just does not work and stays silent.

If you can debug your application on IIS first do that. Check my post to see how to achieve that.

You may see that your service does not get called at all! If the service is not called, check your javascript code calling the service. If still no luck locating the problem, it might be about your DB security settings. (in my case it was)

Check your service using the test page of your web service. It is easy to do. Just connect to your server with RDP or whatever method is supported, whatever method you prefer. Once you are in your server open a browser and type This will bring up a test page for your web service. This page is only available on the server that the service is hosted on. Set the input parameters for you service method (if any) and test the method. If there are any problems relating to the SQL Server connection or other things now you should be able to see what is wrong.

If you see an error message like this ->┬áCannot open database “…” requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for the user 'NT AUTHORITYNetwork Service'. Then check my post.

Hope this helps someone.

Good luck,

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