How to – Blogger Custom Domain CNAME Settings

If you want to use a custom domain (main or sub) for your blogger page below are the settings you should apply on your cpanel:


  • Log in to your hosting provider account
  • Go to your DNS settings page. (It could be named as DNS Zone Editor, Advanced DNS Zone Editor, DNS Manager etc. depending on your hosting provider)
  • Add your CNAME settings here.
  • Where it asks for Name simply enter “www”  or “”, you can also put in a subdomain here like “”. For the Host Name/Alias/Adress enter
  • For the TTL value enter something like 30
  • Save your settings.
Login to your account
  • Go to: All Products -> Domains->Domain Management
  • Click on the Domain for which you want to apply new DNS settings
  • Click on “Launch” link right below the “DNS Manager” section
  • Change “Points to” value for “www” CNAME(Alias) column (CNAME value will be www by default, if you want to use a sub-domain change it accordingly). Points to value should be set to
  • Enter 30mins for TTL
  • Save the Zone file

Hope this helps someone.

Good luck,

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