What is HTML5?

Today a friend of mine asked me a question about HTML 5 and so here I am giving you a general idea of what it is.

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is the core technology beyond everything you see on the internet. It is used for structuring and presenting content on www (world wide web OR internet).

HTML 5 is the new version of HTML language. It has removed some elements, changed some others while adding many new useful elements and attributes to the scene.

Especially for including graphical content and multimedia content on the web pages without having to use plugins or APIs. Think about being able to play all the videos on all the web pages without the need to use (download and install) Flash Player, Media Player etc. but by just using your browser.

What is a browser?
It is an application that understands what HTML code is telling him. HTML tells him what to display, how to display it, what to do. IF your browser is smart enough it will understand and display your HTML 5 code correctly.

Therefore learning HTML 5 and using HTML 5 code is not enough, don't be surprised if some of your HTML 5 code does not work on some of the browsers since not all browser has implemented HTML 5 fully till now. To get the most out of HTML 5 content, I recommend you use Google Chrome.

Don't be scared because HTML 5 is no monster. If you know HTML, you will easily get used to HTML 5 and start taking advantage of the new elements.

See the nice video below for a visually supported brief info.

Hope this helps someone.

Good luck,

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