How to – Create a Windows 8 System Image (Snapshot)

Having a system image (or Snapshot) in your hands is a must if you have valuable data and a beautiful configuration/ environment (like development environment and tools) on your PC.

If you are using windows 8 and don't know how to create an image, your are about to learn. Don't worry, it is pretty easy.

Prerequisite: You need to have an external storage device that is big enough to hold your system image.

There are 2 ways you can achieve this:

1-) Using Command Prompt
2-) Using Windows 7 File Recovery

Method 1:
1. Open a Command Prompt with administrative rights (Run as administrator)
2. Go to the drive you wish to back up to (say G drive) by typing “G:” and hitting enter
3. Create a directory to store your image by typing “mkdir windows8_image” and hitting enter
4. Type “dir” and hit enter to check if your folder has been created
5. Type “recimg -CreateImage G:windows8_image” and hit enter to start the process

Method 2:
1. Hit Windows key to open the metro interface
2. Type “Windows 7 File Recovery”, click “Settings” on the right
3. Click “Windows 7 File Recovery” button that shows
4. In the window that opens click “Create system image” on the left
5. On the window that opens select your G drive, click Next
6. Select the drives that you want to include in the backup, click Next
7. Click “Start backup”

Hope this helps someone.

Good luck,

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