Is it E-mail or Email? Should You Prefer Dashes In Your Domain Names?

Here is an interesting research for you. Actually it is 2 researches and 2 arguments in 1 place.

Which one is more popular? Email or E-mail? How about the use of dashes in “e” domain names like,,,, etc.

As everybody knows Email means “Electronic Mail” but when it comes to how to type it things get messy.

There are various resources for both usage. Some type it as Email, some as E-mail. But which one is more popular? Which one has received wider acception in the digital world?

Here are some results from my research:

For the Email:

– American Copy Editors Society says the correct typing is email not e-mail.

– The Associated Press Style Book says it is email not e-mail.

– says it is email not e-mail.

– Technology giants Google, Apple and Yahoo uses the notation email not e-mail. (For me this is very important since they set the trends)

– Wiktionary: The use of email is more widespread, likely due to one less character and thus making it easier to write or type, and is becoming a standardized usage for most businesses and Internet users.

– Click this link for a googlefight between email and e-mail to see which one is used more. –Spoiler alert: email wins 🙂

Yes, there are many uses of “e-mail” in many different places and some still say that is the correct usage but their numbers are not much when compared to the ones who prefer/use email. And as the time passes they get smaller and smaller in ratio.

For the “e” Domain Names:

– Some argue that since Electronic Mail is 2 words, you should seperate them with a dash, which is completely incorrect for domain names. There are famous internet giants like Gmail (Google Mail) and Ymail (Yahoo Mail). They are not G-mail or Y-mail. Nobody uses “-” when registering a 2-word domain and nobody will type the dash in between. Which one do you think visitors will go to: “” or “”?

– was registered 1 year before So whoever registered didn't care about

– One of the biggest banks in my country has chosen to register (eMoney) not e-Para.

– Three is the famous eBay site. It is eBay, not e-bay. (Although arguably “e” does not stand for “Electronic”, everybody seems to assume so)

– A note: In the domaining industry dash “-” symbol always reduces the value of a domain!

– is read as “eCommerce dot com” whereas is read as “e dash commerce dot com”. So if you are the owner of “” you should say “my website is e dash commerce dot com”. And you know what? 70% of the people you talk will type when they go home. Sad but true. was recently sold for 1.35 Million, and nobody cares about Sorry!

-if you have the and someone else has they will almost always have the advantage of getting more visitors.

Conclusion: Type “email” when you are writing, and don't use dashes in your domain names.

Hope this helps someone.

Good luck,

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