Removing eMail Fields In a Word Document That Appear At The Top (2007)

A friend of mine receives a word document as eMail, then he opens and prints it. Later, when he opens another word document that he had been working on he sees this annoying eMail fields section at the top of his document that looks like below:

He can not remove it and asks for my help. For all of you out there having the same problem here is how you can make it disappear:

1) Click the mini arrow next to the Quick Access Toolbar and click “More Comands…”

2) “Word Options” window opens. Click “Choose commands from:” drop-down list and select “All Commands”

3) Find “Send to Mail Recipient” menu item and click “Add > >” button in the middle of the “Word Options” window. Click OK.

4) You will see “Send to Mail Recipient” button in the Quick Access Toolbar.

5) Click this button and the annoying eMail section should be gone now.

Hope this helps someone.

Good luck,

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