How to – Use Instant Search to Quickly Find Emails in Microsoft Outlook

Many companies use Microsoft Outlook for eMailing, and many people using Outlook just do not use the Instant Search although it has many capabilities they can take advantage of.

It is quite easy to use instant search, and although there are many search criterias you can utilize in your search queries, knowing just a couple of them would make the world a better place for you. Instant search can make searching easier, faster and more efficient.

Let's start with a simple search: (search for “meeting” word)
1-Click the folder that you want to search through

2-Type your search text in the Instant Search textbox

3-eMails with the search text you have specified will appear in the results list.
You can add more criteria to narrow down your search results:
-“meeting from:serdar”

This query will bring the eMails that contain “meeting” in the subject or body part and that has come from the user “serdar”.

-“subject:doors from:serdar received:12/09/2013”

This query will fetch the eMails that contain “doors” in the subject, that was sent by “serdar” user and that was received on 12/09/2013.

Note: By default all the criteria are applied with AND operator. If you want to use OR operator you have to specify it explicitly.
Here are some other criteria:
category: blue (find the items that are in category blue)
NOT category:blue (find the items that are not in category “blue”)

NOT category:[] (find all the eMails that have assigned categories)

hasattachment: true (search for eMails that have attachments)
isread: false (search for eMails that have not been read yet)
received: yesterday (search for eMails that were received yesterday)
received: this week (search for eMails that were received this week)
sent: 15/10/2013 (searh for eMails that were sent on 15/10/2013, date format depends on your locale)
subject: meeting (search for eMails that have the word “meeting” in the subject part)
importance: high (search for the eMails that have the importance value of “high”)


Know that Instant Search is there to make searching easier for you. Use it, take advantage of it.

Hope this helps someone.

Good luck,

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