How to – Install Orchard CMS Using Web PI and WebMatrix

Orchard CMS seems to be a rising star these days and it has cought my attention too. I have already set it up using both Web PI + WebMatrix couple and Visual Studio. Here in this post I will be explaining how to install Orchard CMS using Web PI + WebMatrix.


First of all install and run Web PI (, then:
1- Type “orchard” into the textbox in the upper right corner, hit Enter
2- Click “Add” button next to the Orchard CMS
3- Click Install
4- See that WebMatrix is included in the installation as a dependency
5- Click “I Accept” in the window that opens
6- Wait for the installation to complete
7- Click Finish
8- WebMatrix runs and starts Orchard setup
9- For a quick start type a site name, type an admin password, select “Use built-in data storage (SQL Server Compact)” option for data storage, choose the default recipe and click “Finish Setup”


And Voila! Your First Orchard CMS site is up & running.

Hope this helps someone.

Good luck,

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