How to – Recover the Admin Password in Orchard CMS


Lately I have been playing around with Orchard CMS software. So far I seem to like it (because of C# and MVC I guess) but in this post I will not be talking about Orchard.

Today I realised that I forgot my admin password for orchard, and I needed to reset it.
After some time spending on research for a solution I found it! I am putting the solution here to help the others as usual.

Here are the steps (assuming you use WebMatrix, another lovely tool from Microsoft):

1- Click “Databases” on the main menu
2- Double-click “Orchard_Users_UserPartRecord” database to see its content
3- Change the “PasswordFormat” to “Clear” (with capital C)
4- Type a new simple password for the admin user as clear text
5- Close the table

Now you can login with this new simple password.

To change this simple password (in the usual/normal/regular way) to a Hashed one, you can follow the steps 6-8 below.

6- Click “Site” on the main menu (WebMatrix)
7- Click “Run” in the ribbon menu (the upper left corner, WebMatrix)
8- Click “admin” link on the bottom of the page and change the admin password as you like

Orchard should automatically change the “PasswordFormat” to “Hashed” and set the new password.

Hope this helps someone.

Good luck,

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