How to Remove HomeGroup Icon from Windows 8 Desktop

This morning I realised a new icon on my desktop. It was the HomeGroup icon. I don't like my desktop crowded and I do not like having shortcuts/icons on my desktop if I do not need the related application frequently.

Therefore I decided to delete it but I was not able to do so. I needed to do some research to remove the icon and here I am sharing my favourite method with you. There are other methods that include modifying the registry but I do not recommend messing with regedit if you are not absolutely sure what you are doing.

So here are the simple steps to make HomeGroup icon disappear:

Open a folder and click “View” -> “Options” -> “Change folder and search options”

Open “View” tab in the “Folder Options” window, scroll down to “Use Sharing Wizard (Recommended)” item, and uncheck it. Click “Apply” -> “OK” to close the window.

HomeGroup icon should be removed from your desktop.

Hope this helps someone.

Good luck,

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