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If you like domaining, if you go after good domains from time to time as I do, then you should know that you can never compete with a backorder service (or drop-catching service).

If 2 people are after the same domain, then the one using a backorder service will get it for sure. No human can handle the drop-catching power of a service that is specifically designed for this purpose.

Typically all backorder services operate in a very similar manner. They all use a network of registrars to hit the Verisign servers at very frequent intervals and grab as many requested domains as possible. They do know how to grab these names and how to operate without getting banned for hitting the Verisign servers too frequently.

What if there are couple of people going after the same domain and what if they all use a different backorder service? Who wins? Who gets the domain before the others get their hands on it?

That will depend on many parameters. The algorithm a backorder service uses, how much the service knows about the internal workings of the deletion process, how frequently the service can query the registy etc. Also some registrars may have partnership with one or more backorder services which will increase your chances of getting the domain if you were to use that partner service(s).

What happens if more than 1 person have backordered the same domain using the winning service?

Almost all backorder services apply the same routine. Those 3 will be competing in a private auction which may last 3-5 days and the one with the highest bid gets the domain. They say this is to give all of the backorderers the equal chance of getting the domain but there is no doubt that this auction will also gain more money for the backorder service.

Question: How can I increase my chances?
Answer: Use multiple backorder services.

Question: Does it create an advantage to use the backorder service of the current registrar?
Answer: No. It will not give you any advantage over using other backorder services. Once a domain is deleted all the backorder services start the race from the same point.

Now, what is the contest about??

I am after a lovely domain which is in REDEMPTION period and very likely not to be renewed by the previous owner. I have hired couple of backorder services for this domain to increase my chances.

Below is a list of backorder services I use to catch this domain:

1) DomainMonster (free)
2) NameJet (free)
3) SnapNames (free)
4) Hexonet (paid/they provide refund)
5) DomainSite (paid/they provide refund/partners with Name.com)

-Could not use Pool since they do not provide backorder services .TV domains.
-Could not use GoDaddy since they do not provide backorder services for .TV domains.
-Did not need to use eNom since they are partners with namejet and they place the backorder on namejet.
-Did not use Name.com cause it is the same service as Domainsite.

I hope one of the services will be able to fetch the domain I want and I'll be the only backorderer.
Once I get the domain I will edit this post to announce the winner here.

And the winner is….None of the above!!! Yes you heard that right. None of the above so called good/well known backorder services were able to fetch the .TV domain that I backordered. Such a disappointment!

The winner, the one backorder service that ruled them all, the one service that got the better of them all was PHEENIX.COM.

I must admit, I saw their backorder service while searching for other alternatives to increase my chances of getting the domain that I want, but I did not take them seriously just because I did not like their website's design, and it looked quite amateur. It just didn't feel good enough. Such a wrong assumption/ decision I made!

Just wanted to let you know that there is a new kid in town and he is capable of beating all the bullies. Don't forget considering pheenix.com for your backorders!

Hope this helps someone.

Good luck,

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