How to – Edit “hosts” File in Windows

Today I realized that this issue is unknown to some people. So, here I am sharing the info.

Brief Info On Hosts File

Hosts file is one of the facilities in Windows that makes addressing nodes in a network easier. This file is used by the operating system to map host names to IP addresses.

An entry in the hosts file such as “ myserver.myapp” maps “myserver.myapp” to the IP “” so that when you type myserver.myapp in your browser request goes to reaching your application serving on that IP.

Editing the File

Win 7:

1-Click on Start

2-Right-click on Notepad and click “Run as administrator”


Win 8:

1-Click Windows button (the button with the windows icon on it) to switch to the Metro UI

2-Start typing “notepad” and when the program icon is displayed right-click on it and click “Run as administrator”.


3-Click “Yes” on the confirmation screen

Notepad opens with Administrative privileges.

Now click “File” and Click “Open”

Copy and paste %SystemRoot%system32driversetc to the address bar of the window and hit enter. This resolves to C:WindowsSystem32driversetc directory on your computer (works for win 7 and Win8, not sure about XP and expecting it to work for future releases of Windows).

Select “All Files” on the bottom-right of the window


Select “hosts” file and click “Open”

Now you can edit hosts file and save the changes.

Hope this helps someone.

Good luck,

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