Requirements Management with iConcur Axiom

I am a software engineer and I frequently develop software individually (other than my regular job) in my spare times. Recently, I decided to develop a program with rather large scope compared to my previous freelance works. Until this time, when I was working on my own, I held all the necessary documentation that I need to remember in word files or do not document at all. But, this time I need to manage my functional requirements, non-functional requirements, use cases, design decisions, etc…

So I started to search the internet for free tools for managing stuff like this and I found the Axiom. It is a great tool built on eclipse and it is free. With Axiom, you can manage not only your requirements, but all your textual artifacts of your project like non-functional requirements, design decisions, use cases, test cases, tasks, etc.. You can even create mock up views. And best of all, you can extend the tool in any way you like. Using templates you can define new artifacts and use them in your projects.

Core functionalities are listed below (copied from axiom’s user manual)

  • Build a template that defines the structure of the textual artifact (There some already defined artifacts like use case, test case, non-functional requirement, etc. that comes with the installation)
  • Use a template to create a new textual artifact
  • Export your requirements, use-cases and other textual artifacts to Microsoft Word
  • Build wireframes (mockup views) that visually describe user interfaces
  • Use Axiom Rules Language (ARL) to strictly define behavioral and validation requirements.
  • Create custom links between requirements and other artifacts.
  • Build and publish reports with our integrated report builder.

However, some features like user interface prototyping and defining business rules with ARL comes with the Professional Edition which is $500 per seat (I think this is very reasonable compared to other products).

Easy to learn, easy to use, easy to manage

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