Another failed backorder (dropcatch) from namejet, snapnames, pool


I have mentioned the failure of some of the well known, big backorder services in a previous post hereĀ . Here is another backorder experience of mine. Same players, another failure…

There are 3 big dropcatchers that seems like everybody knows about. They are namely;,,

They are well known, respected, acknowledged (at least by some if not by me).

But they have failed me for the second time. Yes, none of them were able to catch the dropping domain that I backordered with all 3 of them.

Last time they were beaten by, this time they are beaten by (partners with namebright).

Fortunatelly, you are able to create an account on namebright and join an already started auction on dropcatch with this account which is what I am doing right now. Hope I will get my domain this time.

Anyways, I suggest you add dropcatch to your favorite backorder services If you really want a domain. And don’t forget to give pheenix a chance too. They don’t want you to pay for a backorder unless you win the auction.

Hope this helps someone.
Good luck,

One thought on “Another failed backorder (dropcatch) from namejet, snapnames, pool

  1. At this day in age I think you’re going to keep losing some of these backorders until you catch up with the latest backorder outlets. Pheenix and have been “MUST USE” backorder places for a while now if it’s a domain you really want.

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