How to Define a New Filter In DOORS to Refine Your Searches in a Module

DOORS is one of the most popular requirements management tools and I use it a lot. If you are in the software business whether you are a software engineer or a systems engineer, you will meet DOORS someday.

Today I want to mention filters in DOORS. You can use DOORS filters for advanced searching and filtering. DOORS filters are especially useful when you want to get some objects that meet a specific criteria in a big DOORS module.

The example below is about how you can use DOORS filters to filter objects according to some specific text included in an attribute of a DOORS module.

1- Go to “Tools -> Filter -> Define”

Doors Filters Menu
Doors Filters Menu

2- On the Filtering screen Select “Attribute”, select “Condition” and enter the “Value” to search for

DOORS Filters - Add Conditions
DOORS Filters – Add Conditions


3- To add more conditions click “Advanced” button. Then click “Add” to add the condition you defined in step 2

DOORS Filters - Advanced

4- Define another condition and “Add” that too (change the Value and click Add)

5- Select the conditions you have added, then choose whether you want to “And” or “Or” the conditions

DOORS Filters - And/Or Conditions
DOORS Filters – And/Or Conditions

6- Once you select the conditions and click “And” or “Or” a new (composite) condition is created and added to the top of the “Rules” area

7- Click that composite condition and click “Apply”

DOORS Filters - Multiple Conditions
DOORS Filters – Multiple Conditions

8- You have your filtered results


Hope this helps.

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