How to Use cPanel WordPress Installer to Install WordPress on a Sub-Directory

After a while I am back with another helpful (hopefully) post 🙂

Have you ever wanted to install a blog on an existing site of yours under a sub-directory whether it is a WordPress site or a “php” site?

It is not that hard if you have a decent hosting provider with a decent cPanel. In this post I will teach you how to use your cPanel to install WordPress under a sub-directory of your website.

Follow the steps below to install WordPress on a sub-directory of your website:

1- Go to cPanel

2- Click “WordPress Installer” in “WORDPRESS TOOLS” section

WordPress Installer
WordPress Installer

3- Click “Install”


4- Fill-in the fields in the next screen.

On this screen you provide values for protocol, domain (choose the one you want to install the blog for if you have multiple domains), directory (my setup screen says this directory should not exist), database name, table prefix, site name, site description, admin username, admin password etc.

Be careful: Values for database name, table prefix should be chosen wisely not to be easily guessed by the bad people!

5- When you are done hit the “Install” button.

Your installation should complete in a minute. Now you have a beautiful blog on your site.


Hope this helps.

Good Luck,


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