Domains Starting with the Letter ‘O’ vs. Domains Starting with the Letter ‘E’

You all know the meaning of ‘E’ when it is in a domain name. It usually represents “electronic” as it does in eMail or eCommerce. The letter “e” is being used excessively in many technological terms/namings. People are used to hearing and seeing the letter “e” in the names of internet/technology related things which in turn makes the usage of the letter “e” quite popular when naming internet/technology related stuff.


Domains like “” seems to have quite some value in this respect since the usage of “e” in front of domain names or while naming technological stuff has ben quite popular for years. Usage of the letter “e” has become so common sense that terms spelled as “e-something” has become “eSomething” dropping the “-” in between.

From the domaining point of view, it has been quite popular to get for a fraction of the price when people can not efford But ‘e’ domains have also grown quite expensive with their growing popularity as the years passed.

Well, what is with the letter ‘o’ then?


This is where the ‘o’ domains come into play. Letter ‘o’ seems to gain some popularity recently. Especially in domain names. Although ‘o’ domains are not as common as ‘e’ domains it seems they get more and more popular as an alternative to ‘e’ domains since they are not as expensive and since the letter “o” also stands for a strong keyword, especially for the internet…Online!

Below is a comparision I was recently able to make.

I was recently considering alternative domain names for a new project on my mind. It seemed was impossible to acquire. I tried to contact the owner several times but never got an answer. Even if I had gotten an answer I know that he wouldn’t had given me a price I could afford.’s value was around 60.000$ according to estibot. Although it was still lower, owner’s asking price was not far from that which was too high for me. As I said, ‘e’ domains’ values have increased very much in the last years. Anyways, I contacted the owner of Appraisal for was around 700$! and he was willing to sell the domain for around 2.5 times that.

Considering and does sound like a catch? What do you think?


Hope this helps.

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