How to Add Favicon to WordPress Sites

This will be a brief but useful post. Let’s see how you can add favicon to WordPress Sites.

Add Favicon to WordPress Sites

1- Create a 16×16 px .ico image (I did not say .png because it is not compatible with all the browsers) and name it favicon.ico

2- Upload this image to the root folder of your WordPress site. Root folder is the folder where your wp-config.php file resides

3- Open the header file of your child theme (generally named header.php)

4- Copy-paste the below lines just before </head> tag

5- Save the header file and refresh your site

And this is all you need to add favicon to WordPress sites.

If you can not see the favicon try to reload your site using Ctrl + refresh (F5).

If you still can’t see it browse to “yoursiteaddress/favicon.ico” and force your browser to load the favicon, then reload your site.

Note: There are many online favicon generators.

Hope this helps.
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