Object Not Found! The requested URL was not found on this server. – phpMyAdmin – EasyPHP

I encountered this problem when I tried to launch phpMyAdmin on my EasyPHP installation for the first time following “Configuration” -> “PhpMyAdmin”.


When I clicked “PhpMyAdmin” it took me to “” (Which may change depending on your installation) displaying the message above.

Below is what I did to launch phpMyAdmin. It is a workaround to access your phpMyAdmin instance. There must be a decent way to fix this.

1- Go to “” (May change depending on your installation). You will see a section called MODULES



2- Click the blue “open” button next to “MySQL Administration”. It will take you to a URL like “” and launch phpMyAdmin

3- This URL in step 2 is the correct URL of your phpMyAdmin. Now you can use this URL to launch phpMyAdmin whenever your need. You can bookmark it for ease of access.

This is a temporary solution of course. I will edit this post if I try and solve the problem 🙂


Hope this helps.

Good Luck,


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