How to Password Protect WordPress Sites

In this post, I will mention 3 plugins that will help you password protect WordPress sites. These plugins are great tools for people setting up development versions of WordPress sites or anyone else looking to hide their site from the public during the development and test phases.

1-) Password Protected

A simple way to password protect WordPress sites. Seems to be quite popular at the time of this writing with 194.132 downloads.




-Password protect your WordPress site with a single password.
-Option to allow access to feeds.
-Option to allow administrators access without entering password.
-Works with Mark Jaquith’s Login Logo plugin.
-Works with the Uber Login Logo plugin.

2-) Password Protect WordPress

Another simple way to password protect WordPress sites including some cool features in the paid version.




For the free version: No user accounts Рjust a single password. Easy to use admin panel.

There are some cool features in the paid version:

-Multiple passwords
-Choose which pages/posts/categories/tags/urls to protect
-Customize the login page
-Make RSS feeds public
-Protect media files and attachments from hot-linking

3-) Hide My Site

Choose a single password to protect your entire wordpress site from the public and search engines.



Some Features:

-Choose a single password to protect your entire wordpress site
-Brute force protection
-You can choose to automatically grant access to admin users
-Select a notification message to appear at the top of your login page
-Choose how many days you want the user to stay logged

Premium Features:

-Set background image size, position, repeat, and color via plugin settings page
-Customize notification message text which appears at the top of your login pag

Hope this helps.
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