How to – Remove Techgile Malware from Your Windows PC


Couple of minutes ago I realised that I had this Techgile Malware in my system. I don’t know how and where I got that but I just did. It is really extremely annoying to have this Techgile Malware on your PC/browser since it inserts many annoying advertisements accross your browser’s viewing area. Below is how you can remove Techgile Malware from your computer. I will describe only for Google Chrome browser (my favorite browser :)), others should follow similar steps.

There are 2 main things to do here to remove Techgile Malware:

1- Remove Techgile add-on from Google Chrome (Version 38.0.2125.122)

Click on the button on the top right that says “Customize and control Google Chrome”

Go to More tools -> Extensions


On the Extensions window disable and delete Techgile add-on


2- Uninstall Techgile using Control Panel

Open Control Panel

Go to Programs and Features

Search for “Techgile”


Find and remove the Techgile program. At the time of writing this post I had already removed it 🙂

Finally scan your computer for any remaining malware on your PC.

Now you should be free of this annoying Techgile Malware.

Hope this helps.
Good Luck,

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