How to Use Google Keyword Planner to Find Keywords for Your Content

Google Keyword Planner is a wonderful tool for webmasters and businesses once you understand what it can do for you and how to use it.

In this post, I will talk about one way of using Google Keyword Planner that is to find keywords for your blog and/or content which is very important for SEO and search engine ranking. Ok let’s get going. Go to Google Keyword Planner.

You will see a page like below:


Here you will see 4 options for the actions you can take:

  • Search for new keyword and ad group ideas
  • Get search volume for a list of keywords and group them into ad groups
  • Get traffic forecasts for a list of keywords
  • Multiply keyword lists to get new keyword ideas

The one we need is “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas”. Click on that. Enter your seed keywords into the box that says “Your product or service”. For example let’s enter “used cars” in that box and click “Get ideas” button below.

You will see a screen as below:


Click “Keyword ideas” tab to see the search volumes for all the keywords derived from your “seed keywords”.

Yo can see average monthly searches, add competition, suggested bid etc. here on this screen. Now to make a better use of this info we will download it as a CSV file.

Click on the “Download” button.

Click “Download” again in the popup that shows (excel CSV should be selected by default).



Then click “Save file” in the popup that shows.

Open this file using Microsoft Excel or your preferred editor.

Select “delimited” and “tab” values to open the file if Microsoft Excel asks for them.

Now delete the last 4 columns, the Currency column and the Ad group column only leaving “Keyword”, “Avg. Monthly Searches” and “Competition”.

Now you can easily sort this info and group them by “Competition” and/or “Avg. Monthly Searches” values.

If your blog/website is just a new one and not getting very much traffic I suggest you start with the keywords with small competition (like below 0.2) and small-medium number of searches per month (200-1200 would do just fine).

Find those keywords and focus on them while writing your next content or next post to increase your traffic. Once you start getting better and better traffic you can start targeting keywords with larger average monthly searches or competition.

Hope this helps.
Good Luck,

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