How to – Add Filters to Exclude Your IP from Google Analytics

When I am checking out how my sites are doing I use google analytics data as most of the people do. While checking out the number of visitors, regions from which the visitors are coming etc. I don’t want to see my own visits to my sites. So, I add filters to achieve this. Below is how you can add filters to exclude your ip from google analytics so that your own visits to your sites will not be included in your analytics data.

Click “Admin” link.


Select the account you want to add the filter(s) for and click “All Filters”.


On the screen that loads click “New Filter” button.


On the window that loads enter “Filter Name”, “Filter Type”, “Source or Destination” and “Expression” values. To filter my IP I use the settings below:

Filter Name: MyIP

Filter Type: Exclude

Source or Destination:  traffic from the IP addresses

Expression: that are equal to

After specifying these parameters, enter your IP address in “IP address” textbox. You can browse to to find out your IP address.

In the “Apply Filter to Views” area select the views you want to apply the filter to and click “Add>>”.

And finally click “Save” to save your filter. See the screen below.


Once it is saved you will see your filter in your filters list.


So this was about how to add filters to exclude your IP from Google Analytics.

Hope this helps.
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