Adding Permissions for a Google Account in Google Analytics

Have you ever needed to open your sites’ Google Analytics data to a friend or someone else for their viewing? In this mini¬†post, I will talk about adding permissions for a Google account in Google Analytics.

As the title of the post suggests, the account you will add permissions for Google Analytics access needs to be a registered Google account. If that part is okay, let’s go on with the simple step by step procedure.

Login to your Google Analytics account

Access Google Analytics

Click “Admin” at the top of the page


Select the account for which you want to share the analytics data with others from the “ACCOUNT” drop-down


Click “User Management”


On the screen that loads;

Enter the eMail for the account you wanna share the analytics data with into the “Add permissions for:” textbox

Click the drop-down that says “Read & Analyze” and select the permission level that you wanna grant to this account

Click the checkbox that says “Notify this user by email” if you wanna send notification to the account holder

And hit the “Add” button at the bottom

That is it. Now they can interact with the Google Analytics data of your site to the extent you allow them.

Hope this helps.
Good Luck,

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