How Valuable are .TV Domain Names

This post is my answer to the question: How valuable are .TV domain names.

I have been in the domaining and web development world for years. Domain extensions are always important from internet users’ point of view. The more intuitive, easier to remember and easier to type, the more valuable name/extension becomes.

There is no need to argue the value and potential of .TV domains in that respect. It is intuitive because it is short for Television and it is used worldwide. Actually nobody says television anymore, people say “TV” instead of “television”. It is intuitive because whenever you see a URL ending with .TV extension you know that it includes video/multimedia content. It is short (only 2 characters) and so very easy to type.


Another thing, as the use of smart tvs and practice of internet streaming increase, we might see an increase in .TV extension’s value as well. That is one of the sources of the potential that .TV domains hold inside.

Below is a quote from an interesting blog post:

The result could be an adoption of the .tv domain as the standard for websites that are compatible with Internet television (i.e., websites that have video content available and that are compatible with the Internet television platforms). This means whenever consumers were “browsing” on their televisions they would first try the .tv version of the domain they are looking for (quote from here).

Below is a quote from an interview with domain investor Kevin Lawrence:

.TV REALLY intrigued me.

I recall feeling excited like I had discovered an opportunity missed by others.

TV had more intuitive meaning than .COM (though everyone knows what it is), the TV acronym is well-known and established in practically every country, most of the keyword category killer .TV domains remained on the shelf and available to register, and highly sought after .TV names are significantly less expensive than their .COM counterparts.

Thus, .TV seemed well-suited and the most natural and viable channel for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to promote video or television related content online (quote from here).

Below is another quote from the same interview:

When I first registered a .TV domain, an infinite number of single keyword and category killer .TV names sat available to be registered.

Today, the majority of these are registered and even back-ordered by domainers hoping that the original registrants fail to keep their .TV domain renewed.

And the .TV market is on the rise.

I am sharing this quotes here because I share the same thoughts.


By the way, don’t forget many big and well known .TV websites we already have. These websites contribute to the acceptance of .TV domain extension as a major player every day. Let’s see a couple of them:

Landing Page

For multimedia and especially video related websites I think .TV might become the first choice in time, even before the .COMs. It is not impossible, right?

I am on the edge of deciding on a domain purchase (either or and after some researching/digging on the internet plus some help from a friend who is a professional sales agent in a big and respected domaining company I seem to tend to buy the .TV domain (Keyword.TV instead of KeywordTV.COM). People are getting used to .TV extension by the help of many operational, well-known .TV websites. When people hear a term like “something TV” they tend to type more and more into their browsers’ address bars thanks to big .TV sites like the ones I have mentioned above. I mean, people know/appreciate/acknowledge .TV extension.

New gTLDs are Trash
New gTLDs are Trash

I see some say that the new extensions (gTLDs) decrease the value of .TV domains. That is, from my perspective, totally wrong and it is apparently just the opposite. As we all see, the new extensions have not received much attention from the domainers and webmasters and all they did was create an extension pollution, increase the value of existing/well-known extensions (.com, .tv etc.) and provide easy money for ICANN! .TV has been around for many years and has been accepted by many investors/companies/webmasters. New gTLDS? They have a long long way to go to be accepted and I have my doubts that they will ever be accepted/successful. I am quite pessimistic about the future of the new gTLDs.


Just remembered another speculation about island of Tuvalu sinking. Let’s talk about that absurd subject shortly. Some say it is a bad thing because once that happens then .TV extension will disappear. I really wonder if people seriously believe that and take this seriously! You know what, if that happens and the island sinks .TV will become a gTLD and this will make it more valuable. So, if you have .TV domains don’t worry about that. Remember, VeriSign is behind .TV.

A small note that I should state before ending this post… Biggest .TV sales I know of are for 500.000$ and for 500.000$.

Keep this in mind…In 90s, many people thought people investing on .COMs were stupid and wasting their money. ‘Genius’ is to know today what will be commonplace tomorrow…

Hope this helps.
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