Google Chrome – How to Access Pages Opened on Another Device (chrome tab sync)

So you left the work, got back home and trying to figure out that last page(s) you visited, but you can’t remember the address. You shut down your computer, went to a friend’s and wanted to show him that last gadget/gear news you read about back home, but can’t find the page now.

In this post, I will briefly explain how to access pages opened on another device¬†using google chrome. I am sure other browsers can do it too, but Chrome is my favorite, so… ūüôā

First of all, in order to be able to get to those pages you must be signed-in to google. So that google can follow those opened tabs/pages for you and associate them with your account.

Second, to be able to access the web pages you visited on the pc you left behind you need to login to the chrome browser on this other pc you are using right now.

Assuming you satisfy the first and second conditions, below are the steps to be followed to access pages opened on another device using google chrome (very easy):

1- Click “Customize and control Google Chrome” button on the upper right

customize and control google chrome button

2- Hover over the “Recent Tabs” menu item. This displays the recent tabs/pages opened on all your devices grouped by device

3- If you see the page you want to open on this list, then just click to launch that page

4- If not, click “More…” at the bottom of this “Recent Tabs” window

5- This will bring up the “History” window. Here you can see the complete history for any of your devices by clicking “Open all” button for any of them


You should see the pages launched on the other device now.

Hope this helps.
Good Luck,

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