Use Windows On-Screen Keyboard for Extra Security

Do you hesitate when you are typing an important password into a text field on a web page? Like the password for you bank account or the password for your registrar account where you keep your valuable domains. Yes, most if not all bank sites use virtual keyboards but none of the registrars have this virtual keyboard implementation in place.

Do you suspect there might be a keyword listener on your PC that somehow leaked in unrecognised by your anti-malware/ anti-virus software? Maybe you installed it as part of a¬†cracked piece of software (I believe you don’t use cracked software!)? Yes, if you are installing cracked/stolen software it is quite possible that you might be installing¬†hidden spyware (like a keyboard listener) on your PC.

You don’t have to install any 3rd party application for an on-screen/virtual keyboard. The solution is already there, windows on-screen keyboard.

To launch the windows on-screen keyboard follow the steps below:

For Windows 7:

Go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Ease of Access -> On-Screen Keyboard.

For Windows 8:

Launch Metro Interface and start typing “on-screen”. Windows will display the launch button for On-Screen Keyboard.


Just click the button and the keyboard will be activated.


Now you can use on-screen keyboard for securely entering your passwords and other sensitive info.

Hope this helps.
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