When Link is Clicked View Loads but URL Does not Change – Django on Cloud9 (c9.io)

Ok. So my new learning path includes Python and Django (which is also Python 🙂 ). I thought to myself, why not do some learning/ coding on one of the cloud IDEs like cloud9 (c9.io) or koding (koding.com) and started playing around with these IDEs, Python and Django at the same time.

Yesterday, I coded my first couple of lines using Django on cloud9 (somehow creating and running a Django project on c9 feels simpler). Nothing complex. Just created a views module (views.py), defined some methods in it, added couple of lines to my urls.py and created a simple index page with just a simple anchor in it linking to “/hello/” (loading the related view) on my mini Django site.

Everything was fine until I clicked the link on the index page to see that URL was not changing. Yes, the view was loading fine but the URL was not changing to “HomePageURL.io/hello/”. Then, I realised that this was a problem with c9.io’s default “Browser” selection. Once I opened my mini project on Google Chrome everything was fine. When I clicked the link, view loaded and URL changed as it was supposed to.

If you are seeing this odd behaviour on cloud9’s default Browser just run your project in your favourite browser. Probably nothing is wrong with your work 🙂 At least this was the case with me.

Hope this helps.
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