Domain Name Evaluation Criteria

How would you valuate a domain name? What would be your criteria while choosing a domain? There are many things to check when considering to acquire a domain.

Below are my domain name evaluation criteria:

-Word combination

-Domain Length

-Domain Extension

-Domain Age(sometimes)

-Domain History (Has it been used before. Has it ever been banned by search engines. Was it used for a legitimate purpose…You can use

-Sound (How does it sound? Is it easy to spell and say?)

-Stickyness: How sticky/catchy is it?

-Is there a website built on a very similar domain? If I wanted to develop it, would I confront any trademark issues or similar problems? (Market study and investigation)

-Can I develop it? Is it on an area that I am interested in?

Yes, when I want to acquire a domain name, these are my domain name evaluation criteria. I want to put a check-mark next to them as much as possible before an acquisition.

Hope this helps.
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