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Testing your website and observing how it performs is what you should always do as a good webmaster. There are many online website testing tools you can utilize. A webmaster should know what switches exist, what they do, what switches to turn on and when to turn them on, meaning a webmaster should know his/her tools and environment and when to utilize which.

Being a webmaster you will need tools to test your work of art (product). You will want to test your websites from many different aspects. Aspects that affect user experience and search engine ranking score for a more search engine optimized website. There are some websites that will help you test your website against some criteria. I will list them below and briefly explain what you can do with them.


Tools and websites to test your website

You can do a full page test. This website test displays some important metrics like performance grade (out of 100), website load time and page size. It displays you the number of requests and time each request takes to load. Which can help you pinpoint some speed problems on your website.

You also check your DNS health and settings, ping, “traceroute” your website.

Google page speed insights

Google page speed insights is one of the most important website tests that you can perform on your website. It tests your website’s mobile and desktop performance, provides you with speed and user experience scores. It also gives you some suggestions about how you can improve your website’s desktop and mobile performance. Don’t forget, performance is also an important SEO criteria.


This is an online website testing tool. You can choose test location and browser before starting a website test. My test took around 15 seconds so it was pretty fast. The site will provide you with scores like:

  • First bite time
  • keep-alive enabled
  • Compress transfer
  • Compress images
  • Cache static content
  • Effective use of CDN

Testing site provides summary and detailed test results. You can improve your site’s performance according to your grades calculated here.


Quote: Analyze your site’s speed and make it faster. GTmetrix gives you insight on how well your site loads and provides actionable recommendations on how to optimize it. This is what you see on the main page, their own description of what GtMetrix does. GtMetrix provides you with YSlow score, page speed score, a waterfall of the requests. Logged-in users can watch and create page load videos and have other advantages in terms of historical website test analysis. GtMetrix will provide you with suggestions on how to improve your website performance.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

This page tests your website to see how mobile friendly it is. It takes couple of seconds to test your website and in the end you see a mobile screenshot of how google bot sees your website, plus, an indicator of whether your website is mobile friendly or not. Being mobile friendly is very important now that google puts some significance on mobile friendliness while displaying search results on mobile devices. Read this post: Google uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.

Mobile Phone Emulator

This mobile phone emulator gives you the chance to test your website against various mobile phones. It needs to be improved and updated though. Many devices not available. The most current device I saw was iPhone 6 but it is something to see how your website looks on an iPhone 6 screen. Test your website to see how it looks on an iPhone 6 screen.

You will find the links above quite useful for testing your website for mobile friendliness, speed and performance optimizations.

Hope this helps.
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