How to Remove Bitnami Banner from Your Discourse Forum Site on GoDaddy


I recently created a cloud server instance on GoDaddy and installed a Bitnami application (Discourse) on it for one of my domains. Then I realized this Bitnami banner on the lower right corner. After some research and trials, I was able to remove this banner from my Discourse forum site. Here is how you can remove Bitnami banner from your website or web application on GoDaddy.

Click Manage next to Cloud Servers

Click Actions and Manage Server

Now click Console and click Connect

If you can’t see the console load, click Console and click Reconnect

Once connected go to /apps/your_app_name in this case /apps/discourse

Type “ls” and hit enter. You will see the bnconfig daemon listed

Now type the command below and hit enter. Bitnami banner will be gone from your website/ web application. In this case from your Discourse forum software.

Hope this helps.
Good Luck,