Asana for Task Management

asana for task management

Have you tried Asana? We did and we liked it…

When you are just starting a new project you may not always have all the tools at your disposal. Sometimes it takes time to acquire them tools. Tools like JIRA. Especially if you are working for a big IT company where things may go slow due to some protocols that need to be followed and countless approval processes. Or, even if you have the tools, you might want to do some off the record R&D jobs in parallel and you may not wish to follow them along with the other project tasks inside JIRA (or TFS or whatever). This is where the ASANA comes in.

With Asana, you can create projects, under them you can create tasks, and under the tasks, you can create┬árelated subtasks. You can set a due date for the tasks and keep your colleagues notified. With the Asana mobile app and notifications, tracking the tasks’ status really gets fast and efficient.


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