Installing Fedora Server and Fedora Workstation Components

After installing Fedora Server, you will be presented with a black shell screen for logging in instead of a graphical login screen. That is because you have installed Fedora Server and not the Fedora Workstation and what you have now is a headless operating system. To have graphical interfaces you will need to install the “Fedora Workstation” components.

First, login to Fedora Server. Type “root” for the username, and type the admin password you have specified during the installation.

Then type the command below and hit enter:

This will start downloading required components for Fedora Workstation. At the time I was writing this, it was around 1 GB of download.

download fedora workstation

Once the download finishes, the system will start running scriptlets and installing components.

fedora workstation installation

Now, run the command below to enable graphics:

Reboot the system (type reboot and hit enter). Your GNOME environment should be running now.

fedora server - fedora workstation - gnome

If you don’t want all this trouble, try installing Fedora Workstation.

Hope this helps.
Good Luck,