How to Enable Docker in Windows 10

installing docker on vps

For my dev machine at the job, Docker was not working out of the box so I had to do a couple of things to enable it. Here are the steps:

Add your user to docker-users group

Enable hyper-v from “turn windows features on or off” menu

EnterĀ BIOS and eneble virtualization

To enter BIOS:

Hold “Shift” while clicking “shutdown”

Restart your pc, hit del/F10/f12/f1/f2 etc. depending on the manufacturer of the motherboard and the BIOS vendor they have selected.


If your pc is UEFI enabled: (run “msinfo” and see “BIOS Mode”)

Hold down shift and click restart

In the menu that opens select “troubleshoot”

Then select advanced options -> UEFI Firmware Settings


Hope this helps.
Good Luck,