Hot to Change The Style of Windows Command Prompt Permanently

I have applied this procedure on Windows 10 but I think it will also work for 8 and 7.

Launch windows command prompt in administrator mode.

Hit Windows button, type “cmd” and right-click on “Command Prompt” menu item.

On the pop-up window click “Yes”.

Right-click on the top-left corner of the Command Prompt window and click “properties”.

Go to “colors” tab and change them as you like.

(I like white Screen Background with dark gray Screen Text)

Go to “font” tab and change the values to your liking.

I also recommend you go to “options” tab and change the “buffer size” and “number of buffers” values to the max.

Enjoy the new look of your windows command prompt. These settings should be valid for any new command prompt that you launch from now on.

Hope this helps.
Good Luck,