Difference between window.onload and $(document).ready()

Do you think $(document).ready() and window.onload are the same thing? Do you use one for the other? Do you use them interchangeably? If you do so, you are wrong. $(document).ready() and window.onload are not the same thing. What did you think? They both get triggered when the page is loaded? They get triggered when the […]

Make Multiple Select Control Height Fit Its Contents

You can make a “multiple” select control height fit its contents using different methods. Why would you like to do that? May be you want your users to see all their options without scrolling and the sight of the scroll-bar on select control annoys you (as it does annoy me 🙂 ). Anyways, here are […]

How to – Create Animations Using jQuery’s .animate() Method

jQuery's .animate() method can be used for creating some good looking animations on your web sites. Animations are very important when creating interactive and ajax enabled sites/applications. This is the pseudo code for .animate() method: .animate( properties [, duration] [, easing] [, complete] ) Terminology: properties: Set of properties that the animation will manipulate. duration: […]

jQuery Selectors

jQuery selectors are used to select one or more elements in DOM (Document Object Model) so that you can do client-side manipulations on those selected elements. Like changing color, shape, size, innerHTML, visibility etc. There are different types of jQuery selectors that let you choose DOM elements in different ways, by using different attribute values […]

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function

This problem might have an easy solution, at least in my case it was easy. In my case the the problem was with the merging of separate external JavaScript files. If you have merged individual JavaScript files, and if you have jQuery functions defined in them make sure they end with (jQuery); not with (jQuery). Don't forget the semicolon at the […]

jQuery Basic Animations

Below are some basic animations in jQuery. Details are yet to come. 1- animate(); You can use animate() function to perform some parallel animations. The animations indicated in the function will be performed simultaneously within the defined duration. You can also provide a callback function as a parameter to animate() function. See below for a […]

jQuery Basic Operations

Getting an element by Id: $('#elmId'); Getting an element by id with characters used in CSS notation: You need to escape CSS notational characters using “”. <div id=”my.div”></div> (id has a dot in it) $(“#my.id”); -> will not work $(“#my.div”);-> works A simple function to convert an element Id to jquery compatible format: Below function […]