Difference Between URI, URL and URN

What is a URI? URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) is a series of characters to identify a resource. It has the following format: scheme:[//[user[:password]@]host[:port]][/path][?query][#fragment] Here the “scheme” is mistaken for protocols. Schemes are not protocols. Many schemes have been designed to work with protocols, yes, bu it is not true for all schemes. Scheme part tells […]

Disadvantages of New gTLDs

Let me start by saying “I don’t recommend spending money on new gTLDs or starting a business using new gTLDs !”. Most of the new gTLDs are too long to type like .company, .property, .business and you wouldn’t really want an extension to increase the typing effort for an average internet user. Another thing. New […]

How Valuable are .TV Domain Names

This post is my answer to the question: How valuable are .TV domain names. I have been in the domaining and web development world for years. Domain extensions are always important from internet users’ point of view. The more intuitive, easier to remember and easier to type, the more valuable name/extension becomes. There is no need to […]

Adding Permissions for a Google Account in Google Analytics

Have you ever needed to open your sites’ Google Analytics data to a friend or someone else for their viewing? In this mini post, I will talk about adding permissions for a Google account in Google Analytics. As the title of the post suggests, the account you will add permissions for Google Analytics access needs to […]

Subdomains or Subdirectories and SEO

I made a quick research while controversy over using subdomains or subdirectories for SEO still goes on. Let me state one result quickly. Apparently subdomains are still treated as different domains than the parent domain. Matt Cutts has released the video below towards the end of 2012 saying it didn’t matter from SEO point of view […]

How to – Change the Language of Google Analytics

This will be a short one. Today I was playing around with my google analytics account and checking out some of the numbers. Then I realized that my interface was in my native language, I wanted to change it and below is what I did to change the language of Google Analytics. Click the gear […]

How to Evaluate a Website’s Value

Introduction Internet is a digital world with digital properties on it. Digital lands (domains), digital buildings/condos (websites), digital landlords (domain name owners, website owners etc.) … And of course there are many ways/tools to follow/apply while calculating the values of these properties. In my opinion, calculating the value of a domain name is relatively simpler […]